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The EServer
A collaboration with 229 total members, the EServer has since 1990 published 35,500 works to millions of readers (just over two million per month, making us the most popular arts and humanities website in the world, according to Alexa).
eserver.org/ - Director - October 1990 to the present

ISUComm Courses
A learning management system for creating and managing communication-intensive course websites, hybrid and all-online courses, built to foster collaboration and multimodal writing, using open-source technologies.
courses.isucomm.iastate.edu/ - Director, ISUComm Technology - September 2008 to the present

The ISU Studio for New Media
An interdisciplinary research institute organized to support, further, and coordinate work with digital media currently done by individuals across multiple departments at ISU.
newmedia.engl.iastate.edu/ - Director - October 2004 to the present

Iowa DOT Electronic Reference Library, Phase 3
A funded research project for the Iowa Department of Transportation, leading a research team (wth Rebecca E. Burnett and Lee Honeycutt) to develop a content management system for engineering specifications documentation.
www.dot.state.ia.us/ - Principal Investigator - May 2005 to 2008

Davies, Lemmis and Raphaely
Worked as a consultant to develop an information management system (including online document production, revision, and version control, web content management, scanning, and e-mail archiving) for a new law firm in California.
davieslawcorp.com/ - Consultant - March 2005 to the present

Redesigning Engineering Curricula for the 21st Century
A proposed four-year multi-university study of integrating communication into the core curricula of an undergraduate engineering program, collecting and analyzing assessment data, and disseminating recommendations for other engineering programs.
eserver.org/geoff/celec.pdf - Proposed Co-PI (NSF) - January 2006-2008

EServer Technical Communication (and Technical Writing) Library
A hybrid between a traditional scholarly index and a modern web portal, that indexes works in technical, scientific and professional communication. With a group of nine advisory board members and eleven editorial board members, I run this collection (a relatively autonomous part of the larger EServer publishing project).
tc.eserver.org/ - Director and Member, Editorial and Advisory Boards - April 2001 to the present

Societal Dynamics of Nanoscale Science and Technology
An NSF-funded research project reports on the public representation of nanoscale science and technology in North American written popular media from 1986-2000 (with Brenton Faber).
nano.eserver.org/ - Technical Advisor - September 2004-07

Sigma Tau Delta
The Iowa State University chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society.
engl.iastate.edu/groups/organizations/sigma_tau_delta - Faculty Co-Advisor - September 2004-07

Big Table Books Softball Team
Along with many people from the ISU English Department, I play on the Ames C4 city league softball team for our local independent bookstore.
eserver.org/geoff/images/067.jpg - Outfielder - May 2004 to 2008

TESL/Applied Linguistics, Iowa State University
Served as an affiliate in the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and Applied Linguistics programs based at Iowa State University.
www.public.iastate.edu/~apling/english.html - Member - November 2003 to the present

907 Clark Avenue
In 2003 I bought a new house in Ames (not quite new--it was built in 1910), one that I'm working on now: painting and engaging in small updates and repairs. It's a hobby.
eserver.org/geoff/907clark/ - Homeowner - July 2003 to the present - See Map

Antislavery Literature Project
The goal of the Antislavery Literature Project is to increase public access to a body of literature crucial to understanding African American experience, US and hemispheric histories of slavery, and early human rights philosophies.
antislavery.eserver.org - Project Advisor - March 2003 to the present

From Vision to Transformation: New Models of Academic Support for Digital Scholarship
In 2003 I took part in a Mellon Foundation-funded retreat to discuss models for university facilitation of digital scholarship.
www.lib.washington.edu/digitalscholar/ - Invited Participant - March 2003

Online Writing Center Consortium, Colorado State University
Served as an member in the online writing across the curriculum consortium based at Colorado State University.
owcc.colostate.edu/members.cfm - Member - September 2001 to 2008

Otobase Help
With two graduate students, I created a single-source documentation master that generated traditional print documentation, online help, and a website of instructions about the AHNS Otobase database software.
depts.washington.edu/otobase/ASPOwebhelp/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm - Faculty Advisor - July 2001 to June 2002

Textual Studies, University of Washington
Served as an affiliate faculty member in the Textual Studies program at the University of Washington-Seattle.
depts.washington.edu/texts/ - Affiliate Faculty Member - October 2001 to June 2003

Exploring Technical Communication
With five students in 2002, we created a 30-minute documentary (in DVD and streaming web formats) to describe the field to those who don't know exactly what technical communication is.
tc.eserver.org/exploring_tc/ - Faculty Advisor - September 2001 to May 2002

Internet Studies Center, University of Minnesota
Served as an associate research faculty member in the Internet Studies Center at the University of Minnesota.
www.isc.umn.edu/about/faculty.html - Associate Research Faculty Member - September 2001 to the present

3041 NE 103rd Street
In 2001 I bought a house in Seattle, one that I worked on for two years: adding accoutrements and working on the downstairs bedroom. It was a hobby.
eserver.org/geoff/house/ - Homeowner - September 2001 to June 2003 - See Map

The Orange Journal
Founded and edit a graduate student journal for the field of technical and professional communication.
tc.eserver.org/orange/ - Editor - June 2001 to the present

The Monaco Group
A group of technical communication faculty dedicated to innovative research and practice by developing new approaches and new solutions to communication problems.
groups.eserver.org/monaco/ - Member - April 2001 to the present

UW STC Student Chapter
I was the faculty advisor to the world's largest student chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, the University of Washington-Seattle chapter, for two years.
students.washington.edu/stc/ - Faculty Advisor - October 2000 to October 2002

The Place of the Internet
An invited lecture on the place of the Internet in the history of publishing, given in 2000 at Centenary College in Louisiana.
eserver.org/lectures/sauer - Keynote Speaker - February 2000

CMU English Department Website
The CMU English department website debuted online on January 1, 1999. The site hosts over five hundred sixty users, and publishes course websites, information about the department's programs, online application forms, and a web database directory of students, faculty, staff and alumni.
english.cmu.edu/ - Designer and Webmaster - January 1999

Literary Events Database
A database of important events from literary history for every day of the year.
eserver.org/events/ - Webmaster - February 1998

Lectures on Demand
A collection of streaming audio and video lectures in a variety of arts and humanities topics.
eserver.org/lectures/ - Webmaster - December 1996

Looking Backward
A new edition of Edward Bellamy's utopian socialist novel from 1887.
eserver.org/fiction/bellamy/ - Editor - August 1996

Pittsburgh ACLU
In 1996 I worked with members of the Greater Pittsburgh ACLU to create a design for a new website for the local chapter.
www.pgh.aclu.org/ - Webmaster - May 1996

An online journal of art, art criticism and cultural theory.
eserver.org/cultronix/ - Editor - August 1994 to the present

Bad Subjects
A journal based in Berkeley, California, Bad Subjects is an investigation into contemporary American cultural studies.
bad.eserver.org/ - Member, Editorial Board - September 1993 to the present