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No one's an island. We all take part in a variety of groups, which shape us in ways we don't always recognize at the time. Rather than trace out the various influences of all the groups who've helped to make me who I am, I'll simply list them here, and invite readers to speculate about how these combine to create the postmodern pastiche known as Geoff.

The Studio for New Media
Served as the director of a group organized to extend and develop both scholarly and popular understanding of new media.
newmedia.engl.iastate.edu - Director - January 2005 to the present

The Educational Video Interest Group
Served as the faculty advisor to a group organized to further understanding and research in the area of using video for learning and testing by practical hands-on projects as well as theory-based discussions and presentations.
evig.engl.iastate.edu - Faculty Advisor - August 2009 to the present

ISU English Technology/New Media Committee
Served first as a member, and later as chair, of the committee in charge of technology for the department.
engl.iastate.edu/faculty/admin.html - Member - September 2003 to 2011

ISU University Library Committee
Served as a member of the ISU advisory committee to the Dean of the Library.
committees.iastate.edu/comm-info.php?id=66 - Member - 2004 to the present

TESL/Applied Linguistics, Iowa State University
Served as an affiliate in the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and Applied Linguistics programs based at Iowa State University.
www.public.iastate.edu/~apling/english.html - Affiliate Faculty - November 2003 to the present

Rhetoric and Professional Communication, Iowa State University
Served as an assistant professor in the RPC, RCPC and Tech Comm programs based at Iowa State University.
engl.iastate.edu/graduatestudies/RPC/rpcfaculty.html - Assistant Professor - August 2003 to the present

Served as a member of the CHIplace group organizing collaborative projects in human-computer interaction.
www.chiplace.org/user.php?op=userinfo&uname=geoffsauer - Member - July 2003 to the present

English Department, Iowa State University
Served as an assistant professor in the English Department at Iowa State University.
engl.iastate.edu/ - Assistant Professor - August 2003 to the present

Online Writing Center Consortium, Colorado State University
Served as an member in the online writing across the curriculum consortium based at Colorado State University.
owcc.colostate.edu/members.cfm - Member - September 2001 to the present

Textual Studies, University of Washington
Served as an affiliate faculty member in the Textual Studies program at the University of Washington-Seattle.
depts.washington.edu/texts/faculty.shtml - Affiliate Faculty Member - October 2001 to June 2003

Served as member and a peer consultant in instructional technology and web services.
www.educause.edu/PeerDirectory/750?ID=138162 - Member - July 2001 to present

Internet Studies Center, University of Minnesota
Served as an associate research faculty member in the Internet Studies Center at the University of Minnesota.
www.isc.umn.edu/about/faculty.html - Associate Research Faculty Member - September 2001 to the present

Technical Communication, University of Washington
For three years I taught as an assistant professor in the Department of Technical Communication at the University of Washington-Seattle.
www.washington.edu - Assistant Professor - October 2000 to June 2003

Faculty Council on University Libraries, University of Washington
For a year I served as a member, then a year as the chair of the Faculty Senate's University Committee for university libraries at the University of Washington-Seattle.
www.washington.edu/faculty/facsenate/councils/fcul/fcul.html - Member, then Chair - October 2001 to June 2003

The Monaco Group
A group of technical communication faculty dedicated to innovative research and practice by developing new approaches and new solutions to communication problems.
groups.eserver.org/monaco/ - Member - April 2001 to the present

EServer Technical Communication Library
A web portal that indexes works in technical, scientific and professional communication.
tc.eserver.org/ - Founder and Member, Editorial and Advisory Boards - April 2001 to the present

UW STC Student Chapter
I was the faculty advisor to the world's largest student chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, the University of Washington-Seattle chapter, for two years.
students.washington.edu/stc/ - Faculty Advisor - October 2000 to October 2002

Pittsburgh ACLU
In 1996 I worked with members of the Greater Pittsburgh ACLU to create a design for a new website for the local chapter.
www.pgh.aclu.org/ - Webmaster - May 1996

An online journal of art, art criticism and cultural theory.
eserver.org/cultronix/ - Editor - August 1994 to the present

Bad Subjects
A journal based in Berkeley, California, Bad Subjects is an investigation into contemporary American cultural studies.
eserver.org/bs/ - Member, Editorial Board - September 1993 to the present

The EServer
A collaboration with total members, the EServer has since 1990 published works to millions of readers (approximately a million per month, making us the most popular humanities website in the world, according to Alexa).
eserver.org/ - Director - October 1990 to the present

Carnegie Mellon University
The university which gave me me my doctorate.
english.cmu.edu/ - Alumnus - August 1990 to May 1998

Notre Dame London Program
A program which allowed me to live in London for six months, then travel across Europe in the summer of 1989.
www.nd.edu/~londonpr/ - Alumnus - Spring 1989

University of Notre Dame
The university which conferred upon me my Bachelor of Arts in English (with a concentration in Film and Cultural Studies).
www.nd.edu/ - Alumnus - August 1986 to May 1990

Presidential Classroom
A program in which high school students are taken to Washington D.C., to visit politicians and to learn more about U.S. government and civil society.
www.presidentialclassroom.org/ - Alumnus - April 1985

Murphy High School
The largest public high school in Mobile, Alabama.
www.mcpss.com/AllSchools/murphy.htm - Alumnus - September 1982 to June 1986